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There’s a lot of money that goes into transporting a vehicle on your own, especially if you’re going a great distance. This is why a lot of folks are turning to car moving services.

When you break down the math – you have to pay for gas, oil, tune-ups, hotel stays, food, and possible flat tires and breakdowns. The further you’re going, the greater the risk of something happening mechanically or accidentally.

Why should you risk transporting a vehicle on your own when you don’t have to? Instead, you can have the car relocated without the high risk of an auto accident or break down.

At Car Mover, we offer this very service to Arizona car owners and sellers. We work with both individuals and businesses with their auto transport needs. Even dealers use us for transporting cars they buy and sell.

Arizona is one of the four corner states, which include Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. The state was first admitted into the Union on Valentine’s Day 1912. Before that, it was the territory of Alta California in New Spain. Back in 1821, it became a part of independent Mexico, when it was defeated during the Mexican-American War.

Today, Arizona is known for its hot summers, pine forests, and mountain ranges. If you’re a resident of Arizona looking for auto transport services, then contact Car Mover today!

Car Hauling from Arizona

I moved to Arizona as a freshman in high school with my parents. I always wanted to move back to my home state New York. But never got the chance until I completed college and started working.

My husband and I agree to move out east to start a family. After saving up, we finally started planning for the great migration. Since we didn’t want to drive our cars all the way to New York from Arizona, we decided to search for a car transport service.

Luckily, we found Car Mover because we were about to spend a boatload on the same service from another provider. The lower cost for a high-value service was bar none. Whenever someone I know needs a car transported, I recommend Car Mover every time!

Vehicle Shipping to Arizona

You can say I went through a bit of a midlife crisis when I decided to switch careers and follow my dreams of becoming an artist. I always found the scenic views of Arizona to be so inspiring so I decided this was the place I’d spend my summers.

My wife and I choose different locations each year to travel to for the summer and for the last three years, Arizona has been the spot. However, because of my wife’s arthritis, she can no longer endure the long rides, nor help me drive.

So instead, we chose to have the car transported. Finding a transport company that we can trust took some time. We looked online for different service providers and called them all asking for quotes and about their terms.

Out of all the companies we called, Car Mover was the top pick. We now agreed to use their open carrier service whenever we travel long distances.

Dealer Transport in Arizona

There are many dealers in Arizona that can use our auto transport services. Car sellers that sell vehicles to customers in other cities and states can now save money and mileage with our service.

Broadening your customer base is a great way to get cars off your lot faster. Then throwing on top of that auto transport services can make your dealership even more enticing to car buyers.

But even if your dealership doesn’t sell to buyers far away, you can still use auto transport services for when you buy vehicles at the auction. This way, you don’t add mileage to your new products.

Buying Auto Transport Services

If you’re in Arizona and need a reliable and fast auto transport service, then call none other than Car Mover. We have the best rates, highest value, and greatest customer service.

You can choose between open and enclosed carriers within our network. And you can communicate directly with the carrier who’s transporting your vehicle.

If you’d like to learn more and need a quick and free estimate, then contact Car Mover today!

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