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Considering relocating to California? Or maybe you’re looking to leave the state. Either way, you may need a car shipping company to haul your vehicles to your new destination. In this case, make Car Mover Auto Transport your service provider. We ship thousands of vehicles monthly across the nation. However, if California is your pickup point or drop-off location, we can help.

When you think of the west coast, the first thing that comes to mind is California. This is the land where dreams come true – or at least, that’s why thousands of people migrate here each year. It’s known for its many attractions, including Disney Land and it’s countless beautiful beaches.

It’s the most exotic place in America and tourists flock here daily to get a taste of the sunny warm weather and beautiful scenery. Some of its most popular cities include San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Sacramento.

You can find countless celebrities living here, including singers, actors/actresses, television and radio hosts, and more. You never know what you’ll find here in Cali-forn-i-a, especially with the large population of people living here.

There are plenty of migrants in California from all areas of the world, including Mexico, Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa. You can find plenty of history here, as well as innovation. After all, it’s the home of the tech hub – Silicon Valley.

Car Hauling From California

At Car Mover, we work together with families relocating from California. One in particular was a young couple that recently married and was now expecting their first child. They were moving to Atlanta, Georgia, to a home they recently purchased.

They reached out to us after finding our website on Yelp. After reading our positive ratings and reviews, they contacted us to learn more about our auto transport service. They opted for an open carrier to save money.

They were also worried that the vehicle wouldn’t arrive on time – within 3 weeks – since they had no other means for transportation. We assured them that we had carriers available to meet that time frame. We kept to our word and delivered their vehicle on time for the wife to have her first prenatal appointment.

Vehicle Shipping to California

Snowbirds are frequent customers of ours at Car Mover Auto Transport. One of our snowbird customers was traveling all the way from Nebraska. They’ve been coming here every year since they retired.

However, now that they’re getting older, they didn’t want to take the long drive. So they decided to catch a flight, while we transported their vehicle. They decided to go with an enclosed carrier since they have an expensive Mercedes Benz worth $60K. We recommend this service for any vehicle that’s worth over $50K.

One of the carriers within our network picked up their vehicle from their home and dropped it off to their Airbnb home. Our door-to-door service is what sold them on using us for their vehicle transport.

The vehicle arrived within days of their arrival so they didn’t have to wait long. They were also thrilled that they could pay our carriers the final bill using cash.

Dealer Transport in California

At Car Mover Auto Transport, we offer vehicle transportation services to car dealers. This works out well because many of our customers need to transport dozens of vehicles each month. Many of of these customers need shipments coming into and out of California.

If you’re a car dealer, then using our service can help you to save money. How? Because you don’t have to pay drivers to transport them from one city or state to another. This would also include fees for gas, food, and hotel stays.

Not to mention, the mileage would also increase, which lowers the value of the cars you’re trying to sell. This service can benefit you if you’re trying to sell cars to buyers across the state or nation.

And if you buy vehicles from auctions from afar, then you can use our auto transport carrier network to get the vehicles to you. This will ensure they arrive in one piece and without the extra mileage.

If you’re a car dealer, snowbird, student, or family looking for a car shipping company to relocate vehicles to or from California, then reach out to Car Mover Auto Transport today!

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