You’re in the business of buying and selling vehicles, which is and likely always will be lucrative.

People will always need cars for various reasons. Vehicles break down and become outdated calling for your services.
But what happens if you need to have a car transported to a customer in another state? This is where we come in. At Car Mover LLC, we have reliable vehicle transport services that cater to car resellers.

Vehicle Transport Saves Time

By having your cars transported by a professional, you can save time and money. At Car Mover LLC, we have a network of carriers and truckers experienced with transporting classics, collectors and various types of vehicles.

Your vehicle will be transported swiftly and securely when you use our services.

Opt for Enclosed Transport

For added protection, you can have your vehicles transported in an enclosed trailer. This helps to prevent the cars from getting dirty and scratched during transport.

Then if you’re worried about a vehicle sitting above your own, you can ask for a trucker with a single flatbed.

Best Rates Car Transport

Best Rates in the Industry

As a car reseller, you have to consistently transport vehicles back and forth. This requires an affordable transport service to prevent depleting your funds.

At Car Mover LLC, we have the best rates in the industry for the various services we offer. This includes open and enclosed transport, door to door services and direct access to truckers.

You get the best of both worlds with us – the best prices and the best quality.

All Vehicles Have Insurance

As soon as your cars are loaded onto the trailer, they’re insured by the carrier and trucker. This gives our customers peace of mind.

Insurance Car Transport

Transport Services We Offer

The transport services we offer can be used for all sorts of vehicles. This includes:








Antique/Classic Cars

Pickup Trucks


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