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Here’s a quick overview of the factors that play a role in our car shipping rates.

You’re a savvy shopper, which means you want to know what to expect to pay to transport your vehicle. The cost break down varies from customer to customer, however, the following should give you an idea.

Distance of the Transport

Obviously, the further the vehicle must go, the more it will cost. However, the per mile rate decreases, so you’re not overwhelmed with unbearable car shipping rates.

You also have to worry about fuel – when this increases, so does the rates charged by the driver. Then if there are any tolls along the way, this will apply to the quote as well.

Population of the Destination

There’s a big difference between transporting a vehicle to New York City and Maysville, Kentucky. One is a major city and the other is a small town. Larger cities are easier for large trucks to travel through compared to rural towns.

If truckers have to stray away from popular roads, then this will increase your rate.

Condition of the Vehicle

The price increases for vehicles that are inoperable. This includes cars that are unable to start, but can still brake, steer and roll. Special tools, such as a winch, are needed in order to load these vehicles.

Make & Model of the Vehicle

It’s required under USDOT rules for truckers to account for any space loss due to larger vehicles. There’s only a limited amount of space and a weight limit per load. For vehicles that are large and heavy, the price is higher.

Type of Transport

You have two options – open or enclosed transport. The cheaper option is the open trailer. You can pay as much as 35% more than the average car shipping rates for an open trailer. However, if your vehicle is worth over $50K, then it’s recommended you use an enclosed trailer.

The Time of Year

As with any business, there are slow seasons and high volume seasons. The time of year will determine whether you pay more or less.

Plus, the weather will also be an important factor. For instance, traveling through snow will require a higher price to be paid. Snow birds can expect to pay more during this season when a lot of people are transporting vehicles to the warmer states.

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