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Relocating to another state or even attempting to transport a vehicle for commercial purposes isn’t something you should do on your own. There are a lot of things that can potentially go wrong during the trip that can damage the vehicle.

Plus, you’re adding unnecessary mileage to your engine, transmission, alternator, and other key components that allow a vehicle to drive strong.

The next best thing is to invest in car transport services from a reputable company like Car Mover. We offer fast and reliable car shipping in and around Chicago.

Chicago is a city in Illinois and is located in Cook and DuPage counties. It’s the third most populous city, which means lots of traffic for you to maneuver through to get to your destination – not good!

The area is also known as Chicagoland and is located right off the shores of Lake Michigan. While the city is modern, it’s one of the oldest in the nation. It was first established back in 1837.

Whether you’re looking to move a vehicle to or from the Chicago area, the experts at Car Mover can help. So contact us today to find out more!

Car Hauling from Chicago

My family and I were tired of the southeast and wanted to have a change of scenery. We decided on Chicago, IL because of its fast-growing small businesses. I’m an entrepreneur and wanted to ensure I would be able to open up shop and have success.

The only problem with the move is that we have a large family and three vehicles. The idea of traveling that distance with our family size and in three separate vehicles didn’t sound too enticing. So we decided to pack up everything and have our belongings shipped, including our vehicles.

We came across Car Mover while researching online for a national auto transport service. I’m very pleased that I found this company. They’re courteous, quick, and reliable. Plus, they offer some of the best rates in the country.

What you get out for the money spent is well-worth every dime. I will and do recommend this company to anyone needing their car transported.

Vehicle Shipping to Chicago

Going away to college was scary as is – the idea of driving across the country to the University of Chicago didn’t sound good to me. Especially since I’d never driven out of the state before.

My father helped me find a reputable car transport company to ensure my vehicle would be there soon after I arrived. I had my bike to get around town and to campus meanwhile.

I was excited about it all, especially the fact that I’d get to chase my dreams of studying behavioralism and psychology. The school has excellent academic research divisions, including medicine, business, law, social service administration, and public policy policies.

The University of Chicago and Car Mover were both great picks for me taking a step closer to a brighter future!

Dealer Transport in Chicago

At Car Mover, we work together with car dealers in and around Chicago. Our goal is to help transport vehicles to and from Chicago. We connect auto sellers with carriers that can transport vehicles anywhere in the nation.

This includes boat docks, airports, or even the front door of your customers. With our door-to-door car shipping service, you can ensure your vehicles are picked up and dropped off directly at your doorstep.

The beauty of using auto transport services is that it can prevent unnecessary mileage being added to your vehicles. This depreciates their value, which is a negative if you’re transporting newly purchased cars to your lot.

Auto transport services can also be an added bonus to out-of-state buyers who want to maintain the low mileage on the vehicles they buy from you. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

You’ll find that we offer both enclosed and open carrier options to choose from. This way, you can protect your luxury and antique vehicles if needed.

Otherwise, you can save money by having your vehicles transported using an open carrier service.

Hiring an Auto Transport Service

Car transport services are available to anyone who needs them. This includes college students, relocating families, car dealers, and snowbirds, to name a few.

Whoever has cars to be transported, we can help. If you’re ready to get started planning your car shipment, then we urge you to reach out to us today.

Want to learn more? Then contact us now to get more info and a free estimate!


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