Your adult child is going away to college soon. Rather than them driving across the US to their new college, you can schedule the transport of their vehicle. This way, they can fly safely without you worrying about their wellbeing.

The vehicle transport services we offer at Car Mover LLC are affordable enough for parents and their college students to obtain.

We will take your child’s vehicle from point A to point B anywhere in the country.

Safe Travels for Your College Student

No one worries like a parent worries. But why go through any of that if you don’t have to? You can send your child off to college safely on a train or airplane.

The idea of your child driving a long distance to school alone is nerve wracking at best. We’re here to ease your tensions by providing a seamless experience for your child’s vehicle transport.

Transport Extra Luggage

You’re allowed to include luggage or a box of items in the trunk of the vehicle as long as it’s 100 lbs or less. No additional charges will be applied. We just ask that the items being transported won’t interfere with safe vehicle transport.

Reduce Wear & Tear

A parent’s worst nightmare is having their child stuck in the middle of nowhere halfway across the country. This is especially so when you can’t reach them quickly or provide assistance another way.

But it’s common for cars to break down, especially when they’re old. However, even if you purchased a new car for your child, it can still get a flat tire or run out of gas.

Eliminate this worry by utilizing a vehicle transport service and packing your child onto a plane.

Types of Vehicles We Transport

When you hire us to transport your college student’s vehicle, you get nothing but peace of mind. Your children are safe on their travels and you get a service that’s reliable.

At Car Mover LLC, we work together with reputable carriers. Their truckers carry sufficient insurance to cover the vehicles in transport. Door to door services are available to ensure your child’s vehicle is picked up and dropped off on time and at the specified locations.

Here’s a quick look at the vehicles we transport:









Antique/Classic Cars

Pickup Trucks

You can sign up for email or text message status reports of the vehicle transport and delivery as well.

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