In the military, there’s always the possibility of you being transported to a different location. And in some cases, this means packing up and relocating to a base across the US. Rather than taking the long trip yourself, you decide to take a plane.

Does this mean you have to leave behind or sell your vehicle? Not when you have the services offered at Car Mover LLC readily at your disposal.

Vehicle Transport Made Easy

There’s enough on your plate to deal with as you move to another state. Allow the professionals at Car Mover LLC to handle your vehicle transport.

We have a network of carriers with truckers who are experienced and insured. This makes the transport of your vehicle simple and seamless.

Our top priority is to ensure your car is transported securely.

Get Military Discounts

We honor active and veteran military personnel by offering a special discount for our vehicle transport services.

Never worry about paying full price when you deal with Car Mover LLC. Discounts are available to National Guard, military dependents, veterans, active duty and Reserves.

Store Additional Luggage

You’re limited to the amount of bags you can carry on your flight. You can minimize your carry on luggage by stowing away a box or bag in the trunk of your vehicle before transport.

Just make sure it’s under 100 lbs.

Fast Vehicle Transport

At Car Mover LLC, we understand how a PCS order can make life stressful. When you need to have your vehicle transported on a whim, we can help.

Here’s a quick look at the vehicles we transport:








Antique/Classic Cars

Pickup Trucks


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