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Fast and Reliable Car Shipping New York City

It’s not always easy finding the fastest and most reliable auto transport company in town. However, you can overcome this issue by relying on our network of carriers. At Car Mover Auto Transport, we help thousands of customers each month with transporting their vehicles.

We do this for interstate, national, and even international shipping. Our carriers can bring your vehicles to the airport or dock for across-seas shipping. When you need a reliable vehicle transporter to ship your car to or from New York City, we’re the company to call.

New York City is one of the most populous areas in the nation and for good reason. There’s so much to see and do here. You can also find countless businesses located here, making it a hub for jump starting or seeding your career.

You can even think of NYC as the east coast version of California. Although it’s known today as a popular metropolitan, this wasn’t always the case. Back in 1624, New York City was first founded by colonists that arrived from the Dutch Republic.

Th post was located in the Lower Manhattan area. It’s first name was New Amsterdam. Then after it came under English control in 1664, the name was changed to New York, representing King Charles II of England’s brother who was the Duke of York.

Thousands of people travel here each year to visit monuments like the Statue of Liberty and the new towers that were built after Sept 11th. It’s also the place you move to when you’re looking to start a business and grow your career.

Car Hauling from New York City

A couple in New York City decided it was time to settle down away from the big city. They had a great five years living and working in New York City, but didn’t feel it was the right place to be for raising children.

So they decided it was time to relocate to Virginia. The two were planning a wedding soon and had a lot on their plate, especially with combining all their furniture into a new place. They didn’t want to deal with more hassle of driving their vehicles to another state.

They packed all their belongings and left for their flight. They entrusted our network of carriers to deliver their vehicles to their new home. They found us after looking around online for an auto transporter.

They contacted us with questions about our carriers, insurance options, and speed of transport. They decided to go with our enclosed auto transport to ensure their vehicles weren’t scratched or dinged along the way.

The vehicles arrived at their home quickly and they were pleased with the service we offered.

Vehicle Shipping to New York City

The beauty of New York City is that it’s a place where you can live, work, and play. Plus, it’s also a place to get a great education. One of our customers was getting ready to attend the City University of New York.

This has one of the most diverse school populations in the United States. You can find students from 208 different countries. The school was first built in 1961 by the NY legislation. Nelson Rockerfeller signed the legislation into law, which combined existing institutions with a new graduate school offering higher education to the city.

The student that contacted us was about to start his first year in college and needed his vehicle transported from Florida to New York City.

He didn’t need an enclosed carrier because his car was an older model sedan. The open carrier was a cheaper option and better suited his limited budget. His parents helped pay for it after convincing him to take a flight instead of driving up. They found our service on Yelp and contacted our office for a free quote.

We delivered the vehicle to the university within a reasonable time frame. Our customer was happy with the service we provided.

Dealer Transport in New York City

Car sellers are consistently reaching out to Car Mover Auto Transport for assistance with their vehicle shipments. Many of them buy large batches of cars from auctions across the region. They hire us to transport their cars to and from New York City.

There’s plenty of benefit in doing this. For instance, it can help prevent additional mileage being added on to the vehicles. And it’ll save them money on paying multiple drivers to travel across the state or nation, hotel stays, food, and gas.

If you’re in need of shipping a vehicle to or from New York City, then reach out to Car Mover Auto Transport today!

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