Buying Cars Online

Today’s consumers are doing just about everything online.
This includes researching and shopping for cars.

We’ll Do All the Heavy Lifting

This includes scheduling the pick up of your new or used vehicle from the dealer (or private seller). We will contact the seller for you, so you don’t have to.

No Need for Interstate Travel

No need to drive a long distance to get it yourself. And no need to put unnecessary mileage on your new car for we have door to door services for vehicle transport anywhere in the US.

Save More Money

The price of paying for gas, hotels and food during your long trip to pick up the vehicle stays in your pocket when you use our services. You got a great deal on the vehicle you purchased online, so why waste more money than you have to?

Our Guarantee

You’re getting services that are bar none. All carriers and truckers we work with are insured, so your vehicle is covered 100%.  We will go to the auction, dealer or home of the seller you purchase the car from and bring it right to your doorstep in tip-top condition.

Transport Services We Offer

The transport services we offer can be used for all sorts of vehicles. This includes:








Antique/Classic Cars

Pickup Trucks


Once you’ve purchased the vehicle you want online, the next step is to contact Car Mover LLC.

We will schedule the pick up and delivery of the car.Contact us today to learn more and to receive a free estimate!

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