You have the option of choosing between an open or enclosed transport of your vehicles. However, many of our customers choose open auto transport because it provides faster shipment.

This is due to more than 95% of truckers using open trailers. If you’re considering this option, then the following details will be helpful in making your final decision.

Hassle-Free Exchange

Once you contact us and accept the estimate we offer, a carrier will send a trucker to the destination to pickup the vehicle. All you need at that time is the car and a set of car keys. No special documents are required, unless necessary for the destination the vehicles are being transported to.

Car Dealers Trust this Service

Dealerships are consistently transporting vehicles to and fro. In most cases, they hire companies like Car Mover LLC for open auto transport services.

We’ve worked with large and small dealers across the nation who opt for open auto transport.

While we provide this service to dealerships, it doesn’t exclude other individuals who may need it. We cater to both public and private clients.

Your Vehicles Are Insured

The insurance covering your vehicles offers peace of mind. Some customers initially believe enclosed transportation is best to ensure the safety of their vehicle.

However, since most truckers use open trailers, this slows down the shipment. It’s a trade off most customers aren’t willing to make. The good news is with us, you get sufficient coverage on your vehicle just in case something does happen during transport.

The coverage begins as soon as it’s loaded onto the trailer.

We Have a Large Network of Carriers

What also speeds up the shipment of your vehicle is the fact we have a large carrier network. This enables us to quickly find a trucker to transport your vehicle.

And if you want, you can pay a top load fee to guarantee there are no vehicles above yours, you can. In this case, your vehicle is delivered using a single deck flatbed trailer.

Receive Timely Updates and Excellent Customer Service

What makes working with us a breeze is the fact we have an excellent customer service staff. All of our representatives are courteous and go over an beyond to help. Their first priority is to ensure you have a great experience with us from beginning to end.

Save Money Paying the Trucker Directly

You have the option of paying the trucker before or after the delivery of your vehicle. You can either pay in cash or use certified funds. By paying the trucker directly, you eliminate the middleman and save money.

Transport Services We Offer

The transport services we offer can be used for all sorts of vehicles. This includes:








Antique/Classic Cars

Pickup Trucks


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