There comes a time when you may need to have a vehicle transported to another city or state. Whether it’s running, inoperable or a car or SUV, the professionals at Car Mover LLC can help.

We specialize in delivering vehicles to their destination in a timely fashion and with care. At Car Mover LLC, we work together with the best carriers in the industry to ensure your cars are in good hands.

This is available to both private and commercial customers. If you own a dealership or other business that requires vehicles to be transported at a moment’s notice, we’d be obliged to assist.

And if you’re a private citizen relocating to another state or are just a snowbird getting away for the winter, we can help as well. Our services are ideal for anyone looking to transport one or more vehicles anywhere in the nation.

Have Your Vehicle Delivered to the Door

Our door to door service allows our customers to receive pickup and drop off of their vehicles at the door of their home or business. This makes the entire transaction easier for everyone involved.

Get Regular Updates

You can opt in to have status updates sent to your smartphone or email. This way, you know where your vehicle is at any given time. Plus, you’ll receive notification upon delivery of your car.

Speak Directly with the Trucker

If the updates aren’t enough, you can easily contact the trucker or carrier company. For instance, if you need to get a real-time update or have questions you need answered, you can do so.

Vehicles We Transport for Private and Commercial Customers

The transport services we offer can be used for all sorts of vehicles. This includes:








Antique/Classic Cars

Pickup Trucks


Hire Us to Transport Your Vehicle!

Need to have your vehicle transported for whatever reason? We’ll happily set everything up for you. Our trusted advisors will walk you through the entire process, making it as seamless and carefree as possible.

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