Relocating Customers

Distance shouldn’t stop you from taking your vehicle with you on your move. However, it’s sometimes impossible to drive both your car and the moving truck, especially when you have multiple cars.

The key to this issue lies here at Car Mover LLC. We have the tools and expertise to carefully transport your precious vehicles to your new home.

Avoid Driving Long Distances

Most people who move far away don’t want to drive the long distance. So they end up taking a plane or train instead. If you hired a moving company to deliver your house belongings to your new home, why not do the same for your vehicles?

Car Mover LLC enlists the help of reliable carriers with a track record of success.

Avoid Putting Miles On Your Car

Driving hundreds or even thousands of miles to your new location can put unnecessary mileage on your vehicle. Not only does this raise the risk of car issues, but it can also increase your auto insurance and warranty rates.

Eliminate these issues by using the vehicle transport services offered at Car Mover  LLC.

Condition of the Vehicle

Reduce Wear and Tear

Everything is affected when you drive your vehicle for a long distance. This includes the tires, engine, transmission and even the interior.

Traveling long distances can also incur costly repairs and lower the lifespan of your vehicle.

No Worries of Damage

We help families and businesses relocate their vehicles across the nation with no worry of damage. This is done by ensuring each carrier is properly insured and has truckers experienced in vehicle transport.

You also have the option to choose between an open or enclosed trailer for your car transport.

You’ll receive timely updates, so you’re always in the loop of the location and delivery of your car.

Vehicles We Transport

We offer our services to customers with any of the following vehicles:








Antique/Classic Cars

Pickup Trucks


If you need one or more of these types of cars transported, don’t hesitate to contact Car Mover LLC!

Planning a relocation across the state or nation?

We can help. Our carriers have assisted customers with transporting vehicles over long distances for many years.

Contact us today to get a free quote or use our simple online form!

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