There are cases where we have to transport vehicles that are inoperable. This requires special expertise to transport. The experts within our carrier network are knowledgeable about loading and unloading inoperable vehicles.

At Car Mover LLC, you can rest assured that your non-running or damaged vehicles will be transported with special care. This makes our service ideal for individuals who’ve been in an accident or dealers that purchase and repair damaged cars.

Transport Damaged Vehicles

There are some cars that simply won’t start and others that are inoperable from a collision. Either way, the professionals at Car Mover LLC have got you.

We have the equipment and skills required to load and unload a vehicle with damaged wheels that won’t roll. You want to ensure your car isn’t further damaged during transport.

The best way to do that is to hire a reliable vehicle transporter like Car Mover LLC.

Nationwide Vehicle Transport

What makes this service even better is that you can have your inoperable or running vehicle transported anywhere in the nation.

Not many vehicle transport companies have the expertise or tools to provide load and unload inoperable vehicles, let alone delivering them across the nation.

Receive Regular Updates

Once a trucker from one of our carrier arrives, your vehicle is in great hands. It’s insured right away after being placed on the trailer.

From there, you can opt to have email or text updates sent to you regarding the transport and delivery.

Moving a Car Without Keys

Say you don’t have the keys to the inoperable vehicle you need to transport. In this case, the vehicle must be placed into neutral and loaded onto the trailer with the assistance of a tow truck.

We use this procedure at both the pickup and drop off locations.

Collision Damage

The same goes if you have a vehicle that’s damaged. A roll-back tow truck or forklift are optimal in this scenario. These are normally available when the vehicle is being picked up from a salvage auction.

A forklift is also a requirement at the time of the delivery. But don’t worry, our team will ensure the loading and unloading of your vehicle is proper.

Save Money Paying the Trucker Directly

You have the option of paying the trucker before or after the delivery of your vehicle. You can either pay in cash or use certified funds. By paying the trucker directly, you eliminate the middleman and save money.

Damages Vehicles We Transport

Here’s a quick look at some of the vehicles we transport nationwide:








Antique/Classic Cars

Pickup Trucks


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