At Car Mover LLC, we cater to snow birds looking for reliable vehicle transport services.

You like to get away from the freezing cold during the winter. So you pack up and head south. But what do you do about your vehicle? You have one of two options – leave it behind and waste money on a rental or public transportation.

Or you can have it transported to your destination. This way, you don’t have to drive the vehicle yourself. You get the best of both worlds – the quick travels of an airplane and your own ride to get around during your winter stay.

No Need to Travel Across the Country

Once upon a time, traveling across the country was a wild and riveting idea. However, these days, you may not be too thrilled with the notion of doing all that driving.

Rather than dealing with the expense and headache of a cross-country pursuit, you can rely on us to transport your vehicle for you.

Lower Your Travel Spending

There’s a lot of money that goes into driving across the country. You have to pay for food, gas and hotel rooms just to bring along your ride.

Cut all of this out by investing in quality vehicle transport services at Car Mover LLC.

Minimize Risk of Damage

Driving on the highway or back roads places your car at risk of damage, either through a collision or wear and tear. You can better safeguard your vehicle by having it transported by an enclosed or open trailer.

No Dealing with Frustrating Traffic

Let’s face it, few people have the nerves for dealing with traffic, especially when you’re driving across the US.

The risk of getting into an accident is just too high. You can eliminate this problem by using our transporters.

Pack Extra Items

You’re allowed to have luggage stowed away in your vehicle, as long as it doesn’t weigh over 100 lbs. This allows you to travel lighter on the plane, so you don’t have to pay extra stowage fees.

Get Peace of Mind

When you hire us to transport your vehicle, you will receive regular updates about the transport and delivery of your vehicle. You can either set it up to send you emails or text alerts.

Vehicles We Transport

Here’s an overview of the types of vehicles we transport for our snow bird customers:








Antique/Classic Cars

Pickup Trucks


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