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It’s important to choose a quality car shipping service when relocating to another state. This is the reason our customers hire us for their vehicle transport. At Car Mover Auto Transport, we have a network of carriers we connect you with to ensure you get the best rate and service. Your vehicle’s also insured the moment it’s loaded onto the trailer.

We ship thousands of vehicles each month, some of which are to and from Texas. When you need a reliable car transport, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for reliable Texas auto transport.

Texas is the second largest state in America and has a ton of history. There was a major debate between US settlers and Mexicans who fought over Texas in the Mexican-American War in 1846.

After the American Civil War, Texas decided to secede from the US. Then in 1861, it officially became one of the Confederate States of America. Then the state witnessed stagnant economic development. Before the Civil War, the state was built off of cattle and bison, oil, timber, and cotton.

Post-war, cattle still remained a major economic driver. In fact, Texas became dominant in the cattle industry. This also played a role in the traditional image of the Texan cowboy. Later on, Texas grew in other industries, including cotton and lumber (during the later years of the 19th century).

At this time, cattle became less lucrative here. The economic boom didn’t happen until the 20th century when a major oil deposit was discovered.

Car Hauling from Texas

Families relocating from Texas to another state often rely on us for their vehicle transport needs. The same goes for a single mother of two children. After her husband passed, she decided it was time to move from the big city to a small town in Tennessee.

She was looking for something more affordable, so her budget was tight. This is why she decided to go with Car Mover Auto Transport. We offer the best rates for quality auto shipping. She decided to have the open carrier because this was the cheaper option.

Her vehicle, however, wasn’t new, exotic, an antique, or expensive, which is better off in an enclosed carrier. She and her two daughters took a train to Tennessee, while we transported her vehicle to their new home.

We picked it up and dropped it off at the specified locations. The customer was very happy with the vehicle transport service we provided.

Vehicle Shipping to Texas

Texas is another southern state that snowbirds like to go to. In this case, we had a customer with an adult child. The two were hoping on going away for the winter. They were in need of a reliable transport to Texas from Denver.

Coming to Texas for your snowbird endeavors is a great idea if you’re looking for warmer winter weather. There are also plenty of fun things to do here, such as visit the beach, travel down to Mexico, and enjoy the various entertainment venues.

The customer who contacted us found us on Angie’s List and then called our office. We supplied them with an estimate, which never comes with hidden fees. What your see is what you pay.

One of the carriers in our network delivered the vehicle to their doorstep in Texas. They paid the carrier cash after seeing the vehicles arrived in great condition.

Dealer Transport in Texas

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of car dealers in Texas. Many of them reach out to Car Mover Auto Transport to have their vehicles shipped to another state. They use a combination of our open and enclosed carrier options.

Using our transport service is ideal for saving money on hiring individual drivers and covering their fees, like hotel stays, food, and gas. Then driving vehicles to and from your dealership in Texas will only add more mileage.

This can be problematic, especially for antique vehicles, expensive cars, or even cheap older model vehicles. So by transporting vehicles on the back of trailers, you can offer lower-mileage cars to your customers.

And this is the reason why we have so many car dealer customers hiring our network of carriers for their vehicle transport. If you’re looking to transport vehicles to or from Texas, then Car Mover can help.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to receive a free estimate!

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