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When you need to ship one or more vehicles from or to Washington DC, you should entrust a carrier with a track record of success. The last thing you need is to have your car lost or damaged along the route. At Car Mover Auto Transport, we have a network of trusted carriers that ship thousands of vehicles monthly. So if you’re looking for a reliable car shipping company, then contact us today!

Many of our customers transport vehicles to and from Washington DC. This area is a tricky one because it doesn’t have an official state. It lies somewhere between Virginia and Maryland. Both states contributes land for the District of Columbia.

It became a district officially in July 1790 after the Residence Act was signed. Before this occurred, the land was inhabited by the Algonquian-speaking Piscataway people. DC has grown substantially from its earlier days when it had dirt roads and poor sanitation.

There are plenty of monuments and sites to see here today. Many travel to Washington DC each year to visit the White House, and some even get to see the President. It’s a place known for making major changes in history. This is especially so for the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

Plenty of protests and even riots have been witnessed here due to the heated debates and divisions on these historical issues.

Car Hauling from Washington DC

There are a lot of business folk who relocate to Washington DC for work. Some do it to be closer to work or to transition into a bigger and better position. That wasn’t the case for one family that contacted us for their vehicle shipment.

Both the husband and wife worked with the government and were looking to relocate with their son. They were relocating to Wisconsin and decided to take a flight while their belongings were transported by professionals.

The couple researched several auto shipment companies and decided to go with us because of our national reputation. They liked the fact we had a lot of great reviews from people across the nation. They were looking to have their two vehicles shipped at an expedited rate.

With the expedited auto transport service we offer, they were able to get their vehicle within the time frame they needed to. Their vehicles were transported in an open carrier to save money and arrived in the same condition it was picked up in.

The couple were satisfied with using our service and even referred others to our company.

Vehicle Shipping to Washington DC

Washington DC is a great place to start a career, especially for students. A graduate was looking to transfer to the George Washington University so that when she graduates she can find work in the DC area.

She contacted us and got quotes for our open and enclosed carrier options. She wondered which was the best for her vehicle. She owned a Lexus that was worth $55K, so we advised she consider using an enclosed trailer to safeguard her investment.

Of course, all vehicles transported by our network of carriers are insured from the time of pick up to the moment it’s dropped off. We delivered her vehicle to the George Washington University speedily and with no problems.

The George Washington University is a private research university located in DC. The US Congress charted it back in 1821 and was founded on George Washington’s wishes for a national university in the country’s capital.

You’ll find this is one of the most expensive schools to attend in America. It consists of 14 colleges and schools, which include the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, GW Law School, Elliott School of International Affairs, and the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design.

Dealer Transport in Washington DC

There are dealers in and outside of Washington DC that hire us to transport vehicles to and from the area. Car sellers find that using our service enables them to appease their customers. This is because they can get the vehicles delivered to their doorstep quickly and without the extra mileage.

Trying to hire drivers to transport each vehicle can be cumbersome and expensive for any dealer. Plus, there’s the risk of a car accident or other damage caused to your investment.

Whether you’re a car dealer, family, student, or snowbird – hiring the right auto transport company is key. At Car Mover Auto Transport, we offer both commercial and non-commercial customers car shipment services.

If you’d like to learn more about them, then give us a call today for a free quote!

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