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Having your vehicle transported to or from Washington State is made simpler when you’re using our services. At Car Mover Auto Transport, we have a network of national carriers who can assist with your relocation to or from the state of Washington.

We pick up and deliver thousands of vehicles every month, which shows our experience and reliability. Our customers trust us to deliver their vehicles in tip-top condition to and from Washington State.

Washington State, or the State of Washington, was named after the first president of the United State – George Washington. The state is oftentimes referred to as Washington State instead of just Washington because of confusion it gets with Washington D.C.

When you research this state, you’ll find that it’s one of the wealthiest in the nation. And possibly one of the most innovative. It was the first to legalize both medicinal and recreational cannabis. Plus, it was one of the first states to allow same-sex marriage.

You’ll also find popular movies filmed here, such as the infamous Twilight saga. It has a mix of beautiful cliffs, oceans, and beaches, with forestry and mountains. You get all four seasons here, plus it’s not far from California, where snowbirds tend to go for sunshine during the winter.

If you’re ever in need of relocating vehicles to or from Washington State, don’t hesitate to reach out to Car Mover.

Car Hauling from Washington State

While Washington State is a beautiful place to live, work, and play – there comes a time for families to make a change of scenery. That’s what one of our customers did. An older couple with four children was looking to move from Washington State to Oregon. They were on a tight deadline and was looking for an expedited shipping service.

Luckily, they were referred to us by a friend. Car Mover Auto Transport offers expedited shipping services for vehicles. Our network of carriers provide door-to-door pickup and drop-off for each vehicle. This allows our customers to save time and money on having to go to a site to pick up their vehicles.

The family hired our service and was very happy with the result. They received their vehicle within the time frame we set and without any damage to their vehicles.

Vehicle Shipping to Washington State

It’s very common for Car Mover Auto Transport to be contacted by college students. We had a customer recently reach out to us who was moving from Texas to Pullman, Washington to attend Washington State University.

She was moving away from home for the first time and never drove further than to the next town. Her parents didn’t want to risk her driving all the way to Washington State, so they contacted us to transport her vehicle for her.

It was a luxury sedan, so they decided to go with an enclosed carrier. This is the preferred option when you have a vehicle that’s worth over $50K.

Shipping to Washington State University is a breeze for our network of carriers. This university was founded in 1890 and is known as a land-grant university. It has programs available with a broad range of academic disciplines. It’s even ranked as one of the top 140 universities in the US with a high activity of research going on.

There are also multiple campuses across the state, such as WSU Vancouver, WSU Spokane, and WSU Tri-Cities.

Dealer Transport in Washington State

There are a number of car dealers in Washington State that we’ve worked with. They contact us when they need a reliable auto transport company to ship their cars across the state or country. Car sellers are able to earn more using our network of carriers because we offer the best rates.

Plus, they save money on what would’ve been wasted on individual drivers, hotel rooms, food, and gas. Then there’s the added bonus of not adding more mileage to the vehicles. This works out well for the customers the cars are being sold to. And when the dealer is transporting vehicles to their dealership from an out-of-state auction.

Sometimes, the best car deals aren’t in your state. When this happens, you can use Car Mover Auto Transport to transport vehicles to and from Washington State.

If this is the boat you’re in, then give us a call. We offer car shipping services to families, businesses, car dealers, students, snowbirds, and more.

Contact us now to get a free and accurate estimate for your auto transport.

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