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There’s a reason why car moving services are growing in popularity. For one, it helps individuals and businesses to save time and money during a relocation or car sale.

Car moving companies benefit anyone who needs to have a car transported from one state to another. In Wisconsin, you can find various car dealers and car sellers using this service.

At Car Mover, we take pride in providing Wisconsin residents and those looking to move here with this service. We are fast, reliable, and offer the best rates in the country. You won’t find a value that’s better than what we offer.

When you hire us, you get access to a network of carriers that are trustworthy. It’s the perfect solution to getting a car shipped to or from Wisconsin.

In case you didn’t know, Wisconsin shares a large coastline along Lake Michigan. There’s also plenty of history here, with some of the early settlers coming here during the early 19th and 20th centuries.

These European settlers came from countries like Germany and Scandinavia. You can still find a lot of German and Scandinavian culture here today. At Car Mover, we take pride in offering car transport in Wisconsin.

If you’re a Wisconsin resident or planning to become one and you need auto transport – call Car Mover today!

Car Hauling from Wisconsin

After I graduated from college, I struggled with finding work in my field. It wasn’t until after I got engaged and had my first child when I decided enough was enough. It was time to relocate to the west coast – California.

This is where the tech boom is happening so it made sense for me to go there to find work. My wife was afraid of the long drive with a toddler so we opted to fly there instead. We knew we needed a reliable and fast auto transport service but we just didn’t know who to choose.

So we took the time to do our due diligence and researched a variety of car transport service providers. We finally narrowed it down to Car Mover because they offered the best customer service and rates. Plus, they had a lot of great reviews online.

We’re very happy with the choice we made and refer others we know to Car Mover.

Vehicle Shipping to Wisconsin

It was time to head back home after snowbirding in South Florida for the winter. However, we didn’t feel like taking that long ride back to Wisconsin. So my husband and I opted to travel by airplane, while our car was transported by a shipping company.

We are very thrilled to have found Car Mover because it made the whole process much easier. We own a luxury sedan and wanted to ensure its protection during shipment. This is why we chose to go with an enclosed carrier.

It was also satisfying knowing that our vehicle would be insured from the time of pickup until it was dropped off. Their doorstep to doorstep service is truly awesome.

This was our first time having our car transported but we’ll definitely consider using it again for all of our future snowbirding trips.

Dealer Transport in Wisconsin

Own a dealership in Wisconsin? Then you know how expensive it can be transporting cars all over the country. If you like to attend auctions outside of Wisconsin or in a city far away, then having auto transport services can be a blessing.

At Car Mover, we work hand-in-hand with dealers throughout Wisconsin. We offer enclosed and open carrier services to ensure the best prices and results.

Many of our dealership customers use our car transport service for delivering vehicles to customers out of state. And to transport cars from auctions that are far away.

It’s an excellent choice when you’re trying to refrain from adding mileage to a vehicle. Or when you need to move a car that’s an antique or luxury model.

Buying Auto Transport Services

Looking to make your next road trip safer? Then consider going with auto transport services. This way, you can travel by air or train without worry of crashing or damaging your vehicle.

Instead, it’ll be transported safely on the back of an open or enclosed carrier truck. If you’d like to learn more about these services or need a free quote, then contact Car Mover today!

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