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Car dealerships need the best transport solutions they can get – that’s where we come in. At Car Mover, we provide vehicle transportation services that are reliable and efficient.
Our company holds high expectations when it comes to the auto transport solutions we offer. Each of our customers is important to us and we do everything we can to ensure you have a satisfactory experience with our company.
If you’re on the market for a large or small scale transport for a local or national move, allow us to be of service.

What to Expect from Us

Having vehicles in transport after an auction or dealership sale shouldn’t be a complicated process. At Car Mover, we excel in connecting our customers with quality transporters. We make the process seamless, hassle-free and worry-free for everyone involved.

If you recently sold or purchased a vehicle, we’ll ensure it gets transported to its final destination in satisfactory condition. We treat your vehicles like they’re our own. What customers love about our service is that the vehicles are dropped off at the doorstep.

So no need to schedule another transporter to pick up the vehicle. Everything’s done for you with our ultimate vehicle transport service!

We’ll Do All the Heavy Lifting

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, as soon as your vehicles are loaded onto the transport truck, it is considered insured. It’s covered under the carrier’s cargo insurance. Plus, we have too have a contingent cargo insurance policy, which insures vehicles for up to $250,000. This will cover whatever the trucker’s policy fails to cover in a valid claim.

Unfortunately, any items you leave in the trunk or inside the vehicle aren’t insured. It’s best that you remove important documents and any other items from the vehicle before transport.

At this time, customers aren’t able to track their vehicles online. However, this is something we plan to offer in the future. For now, you’re able to track your vehicle via email and phone call updates. You can speak with a representative to determine the location of your vehicle on that given day. The carrier is also available to communicate with you.

This all comes down to the distance the vehicle is traveling. When you receive a quote and place your order, you will get an estimated time of delivery.

Yes, you’re able to pay the carrier a portion of the balance directly. You’ll need to have cash or certified funds on hand (money order, cashier’s check, etc).

Auto Auctions

A lot of people purchase vehicles from auctions unaware of the additional costs and issues that may arise.
For instance, there are sometimes storage fees, limited hours and strict policies for loading vehicles.

To transport a car from auction you will need:

  • Gate Pass: This document is required for vehicle pickup from the guard shack in Manheim (during the after hours)
  • Buyer #: You’ll need this for both Copart & IAAI
  • Vin #: You’ll need either the last 6 digits or the full 17 digit VIN number
  • Stock/Lot#: This is the inventory number for the vehicle being picked up

Then to ensure vehicles arrive in the same condition, inspections for damage should be as follows:

  • Before the Pickup: The driver can request a visual inspection
  • During Transport: Vehicles that have damages can be covered and loose parts tied down
  • At Time of Delivery: If the vehicle is non-running, then you’ll need to arrnage for a fork lift or tow-truck to remove it.

Dealer Trades

The process of trading vehicles is really simple with the services we offer. Our carriers will pick up the vehicle from the location and deliver it to you. Then the vehicle you’re trading is picked up and delivered to the other party (or vice versa).

However, if you want the deliveries to take place at the same time, we can arrange for this as well.

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