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Virginia is located on the east coast right between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Coast. It’s also known as “Old Dominion” because of it being one of the first English colonial settlements in North America.

It’s also referred to as the “Mother of Presidents,” since it’s where eight different US presidents were born. As you can imagine, Virginia has a deep and rich history that dates back hundreds of years. Once upon a time, there were indigenous groups that lived here, such as the Powhatan.

Then in 1607, the London Company, established a settlement here known as the Colony of Virginia. In fact, this was the first permanent New World English colony.

Today, you can find many neighborhoods, parks, businesses, and even wildlife. Some of the native animals here include groundhogs, white-tailed deer, eastern cottontail rabbits, black bears, red foxes, gray foxes, chipmunks, and the Virginia opposum to name a few.

You can also still find historical sites here and lively festivals, such as the Virginia State Fair that’s held every September at the Meadow Event Park.

When you need to ship a vehicle to or from Virginia, make Car Mover Auto Transport your top choice every time. We manage Virginia car shipping for both individuals and companies, moving thousands of vehicles each month. With our advanced network of open and enclosed transporters nationwide, we can reduce your car transport rates when shipping to and from Virginia.

Car Hauling from Virginia

A Virginia family came to us in need of auto transport services. They were moving to New York after living in Virginia for 10 years. The husband found a new job in New York and needed to pack up and move within 2 weeks. There were three cars to relocate to New York – the husband’s, the wife’s, and their teenage son’s.

They debated between driving to New York and flying. The hassle of driving three vehicles didn’t seem plausible, especially with two younger children aged 2 and 6.

So they finally decided to fly instead. This meant they needed movers to haul their items in trucks and a transporter for their vehicles. Thankfully, they came across Car Mover while browsing around on Google. They saw our reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List, then headed over to our website.

From there, we saw we offered the service they needed and decided to contact us. They spoke to a professional who was very courteous and provided them with a no-nonsense quote. We let them know that the quote they received is the quote they pay.

This gave them peace of mind because they were on a tight budget during this long-distance move and couldn’t afford any surprise expenses. Car Mover relocated their vehicles within the time frame and arrived in tip-top condition.

By going with our auto transport service, the family was able to save money on gas, food, and hotel rooms. Plus, they didn’t have to go through the hours of driving that would’ve been a headache with two young children.

Not to mention, there’s no extra mileage on their vehicles.

Vehicle Shipping to Virginia

A 19-year-old came to Car Mover to inquire about having their vehicle transported to Virginia. He was starting school at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He was relocating all the way from North Carolina and didn’t want to risk the long ride.

He had an older model car that he didn’t feel confident would make it hauling all his belongings in a U-Haul trailer. So he decided to invest in a safer option – an open carrier trailer transport. This was the cheaper option, which fit within his student budget.

The University of Virginia is considered the flagship of Virginia. It was first established back in 1819 by US President Thomas Jefferson. Like Virginia, this University comes with a ton of history. It’s known for this, as well as it being the home of “secret societies.”

There are roughly 121 majors available at the University of Virginia. It sits on a whopping 1,682 acres and has eight undergraduate and three professional schools.

The student inquired about whether to get an enclosed or open carrier. Due to his budget and having an older model vehicle, the open carrier seemed to be the best deal. It’s more affordable and there’s no worry of damage, like you’d have for a more expensive vehicle.

Dealer Transport in Virginia

At Car Mover, we work closely with car dealerships. Dealers come to us all the time with their auto transport needs. This enables them to transport dozens of vehicles at once to their prospective buyers (or even to auctions).

Many of our car dealer customers come to us to have vehicles transported to and from Virginia. This makes it more affordable in a number of ways. For one, they don’t have to pay extra gas to drive long distances across the state or country.

Plus, the vehicle arrives with the exact same mileage it was purchased at. Our dealer transport service allows auto sellers to sell more vehicles to customers anywhere in the nation.

Whether you’re a dealer, family relocating to another state, snowbird, or student heading away to college – we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our auto transport services!

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